We’ve been digging around in our audio archives to hopefully bring back some memories of bygone times. Simply click on the ‘PLAY’ icon to hear the audio content.

Hawick Common Riding 1957

Cornet McDonald H Lunn. Image courtesy Lesley Fraser.

We take you back, way back into time – to a time when Hawick still had a railway station and to Trinity Primary School. McDonald H Lunn was cornet that year and in this audio clip you can hear his visit to the School.

We’re not sure who the pupil was who welcomed the cornet, but if you know, please get in touch!

If you listen closely, you can also hear a nearby train whistle on a couple of occasions, a real treat for nostalgia lovers!

You can see a full list of cornets dating back to 1890, by visiting Lesley’s web page here

Pringle of Scotland Memories
Fiona Craig produced a package for Trinity Primary School in 1989 to let the pupils know what went on inside a knitwear factory. Listen back to some of the interviews she recorded with various employees.
(Apologies for the poor quality of the audio towards the end – this was due to tape deterioration).

The Full Numpties
1997 was the year that saw the film The Full Monty hitting our screens. The film depicted a group of unemployed steel workers who decided to become male strippers with a difference because they were willing to go “the Full Monty” – that is completely naked.

Not to be outdone by this a group of Hawick lads decided to follow in their footsteps and do the same thing. The result was that the “Full Numtpties” were born. Listen to Craig McCreadie, one of the numpties being interviewed here, telling us how “Numptimania” was sweeping not only Hawick, but other Border towns too. Craig begins by saying how he first got involved in the Hawick Operatic Society.
(Recorded in 1998)

Sonny Murray Interview
Hawick lost another “weel kent” face yesterday, with the announcement that Sonny Murray, who ran the “Uniparts” shop on the High Street, had sadly passed away. Here he is being interviewed in October 1985, the week after his shop opened. Rest In Peace Sonny.
(Apologies about the poor quality of this recording)

Hawick Film & Video Group 1966 Pictorial
Interview with David Peacock recorded in 1991

Hawick & District Railway Society Exhibition 1987

Hamish Smith BMX Interview 1987