Hawick had a ‘close shave’ last weekend following heavy rainfall which resulted in rising water levels in the River Teviot, according to the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme Project Director. Conor Price said: “People in Hawick would have watched with concern as the water in the Teviot rose rapidly to the highest levels we have seen for some time. Flood warnings were issued along the length of the river as it flows through Hawick and there was a very real risk that the river could have breached current flood defences and burst its banks, leading to the sort of significant and damaging flooding the town has experienced in the past. Undoubtedly, this has been a close shave and we are not out of the woods yet.”

Councillor Gordon Edgar, Scottish Borders Council’s Executive Member for Assets and Infrastructure, added: “This is a timely reminder of exactly why we are about to start construction work on the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme. It will be one of the biggest flood protection schemes ever undertaken in the UK and is, of course, absolutely vital for the town. On completion in late 2022, it will provide modern, effective flood defences and more importantly the Scheme will provide security and peace of mind for the people of Hawick.”

The Scheme is currently undertaking its Advanced Works programme in advance of the Main Works Contract which remains on programme to commence in spring 2020. As part of its efforts to keep the public fully informed, a new Hawick Flood Protection Scheme newsletter has been designed, and the first issue is currently arriving in letterboxes across the TD9 area. The newsletter will be followed by a new Scheme website in February.