Scottish Borders Council is aware of public concern regarding the rapid appearance of potholes this winter and is continuing to take steps to undertake repairs as quickly as possible.

The 3,000km long road network in the Scottish Borders is the equivalent of driving from Melrose to Moscow, and the freeze/thaw process brought on by winter conditions has escalated the damage to the surface layers of the region’s roads, leading to more potholes.

The prolonged and severe nature of the winter weather has seen crews out gritting every day since 25 December, and this has restricted the amount of road repairs the team has been able to complete. The Council is using both in-house and external resources to carry out reactive repairs. Main roads are the first priority, with more rural road issues addressed when weather conditions allow for more durable seasonable repairs.

An extra £2.2million for road repairs was made available following the Council Tax increase in April 2020/21, in addition to the £80m budget for ongoing and future road network investment over the period to 2031.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, Executive Member for Infrastructure, Travel and Transport: “Council staff are trying their very best to manage the ongoing challenge of repairing road damage caused by winter weather, as well as delivering our planned road repairs and improvement schemes. We absolutely recognise the public concern regarding the rapid appearance of potholes at this time, and are committing all the resources we can to address these when the weather permits. Whilst the Council undertakes regular monthly inspections of A-class roads and at varying intervals on the rest of our extensive network, it is important that Borderers play their part and report issues online at www.scotborders.gov.uk/potholes to allow us to investigate and undertake emergency repairs where required. However, I would ask that the public remain patient and understanding, especially as we deal with multiple issues at this time and be mindful that temporary repairs, particularly during the winter, can be a very short-term measure. Please drive carefully and take note of the conditions.”

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