Teries are being invited to take part in a ballot on Monday 30 September to elect members of Hawick Community Council.

People in the area, who are entitled to vote in local government elections, will be able to cast their votes between 8am and 8pm in the Lesser Town Hall. The ballot is also open to 16 and 17 year olds, who will be required to provide proof of address and date of birth.

Each person will be entitled to 15 votes and the seats will be filled by the 15 candidates with the highest number of votes.

A total of 16 people are standing for election. They are:

· James Adams
· Brian Bouglas
· John Campbell
· Andrew Dickson
· Braden George
· Wilson George
· Margaret Hogg
· Keith Irving
· Cameron Knox
· Greg McLeod
· Marion Short
· Duncan Taylor
· William Wear
· French Wight
· John Wilkinson
· Catriona Young

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