The Hawick Flood Protection Scheme will host a series of information evenings next month on works set to take place in various locations in the town. Two sessions will take place next Thursday 3 October to discuss works at Burnfoot Road and Mansfield Road, providing an update of the proposed works, with an opportunity to provide feedback. There will be a further Traffic Management Working Group meeting on Thursday 10 October to discuss the plans at Commercial Road and the impact on the High Street and Princess Street.

Drop-in session details

Burnfoot Road Modifications – Thursday 3 October, 4pm to 7pm in the Burnfoot Hub
The Flood Scheme team will be in attendance to discuss the proposed modifications to Burnfoot Road, which are predominately traffic management amendments that will be carried out in advance of the Scheme is being constructed.

Mansfield Road Update – Thursday 3 October, 6pm to 8.30pm in Teviotdale Leisure Centre
The advanced works have already commenced on Mansfield Road, and this session is to inform the local residents and businesses of the next phases of works. Members of the Flood Scheme team will be in attendance to discuss these works with the public.

Traffic Management Working Group – Thursday 10 October, 7pm to 9pm in Hawick Town Hall
This information evening will provide an update on the proposed traffic management programme for Commercial Road, High Street and Princes Street. The Flood Scheme team will provide a presentation update on the Scheme, before a series of discussion groups will allow individuals to offer their thoughts on the proposals.

The Scheme will deliver multiple benefits to the town of Hawick, maximising the cultural, heritage, educational, environmental, energy and health opportunities in partnership with the community and external organisations.

This has included the creation of Community Vision and Traffic Management working groups to ensure key community stakeholders can help shape the project.

The six main elements of the scheme are as follows:

• The Flood Protection Scheme, approved in December 2017;

• An advanced works contract to be completed before the Main Works takes place;

• A new wall at Commercial Road which will be both a flood wall and part of the A7 trunk road and jointly delivered by the scheme and Transport Scotland;

• A new pumping station within the waste-water treatment works delivered for Scottish Water;

• A major investment in a sustainable travel network delivered in partnership with SUSTRANS, including pedestrian and cycle pathways, new bridges, and associated infrastructure. A final funding decision is expected from SUSTRANS by November 2019;

• Replacement community park and civic areas, including Little Haugh, Common Haugh and Weensland.

A last full update on the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme is available here.

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