A new schools project which will see pupils aim to encourage their families and communities to recycle more has been launched. A total of 19 schools, including Hawick High and Drumlanrig Primary, have signed up to the Zero Waste School Champions scheme as part of a three month pilot initiative taking place until December 2019.

Ruathy Brogan, Grace Brisbane and Emily Gibson from Hawick High School

The pupils and teachers will carry out audits of their recycling patterns at school and at home, and aim to carry out positive projects within their communities to encourage more people to put the right waste in the right bin. The Zero Waste School Champions project is part of Scottish Borders Council’s new Millions of Reasons to Recycle campaign, which focusses on the key statistic that 70 per cent of the waste in general kerbside bins could have been recycled. If this waste was correctly placed in recycling bins it would save £1.1million on landfill tax per year, a saving which could be used for other services, as well as significantly helping the environment.

Kadie and Codi-Rose from Drumlanrig Primary

The Zero Waste School Champions project has been put together with the Council’s Learning for Sustainability Group, a group of teachers keen to take forward environmental issues in schools across the Scottish Borders. If successful, it is hoped the project can be extended to more schools in 2020.

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