Media Release from NHS Borders
There are rising Covid-19 cases in the Borders with over 70 people on average testing positive every day in the past week.

NHS Borders Chief Executive, Ralph Roberts, said: “In recent weeks the number of people with Covid-19 requiring care in hospital has increased significantly. Covid-19 is a very dangerous virus and can make you very poorly, and it can do so no matter your age or how healthy you usually are. Covid-19 is spreading amongst Borders communities. Please remember that it can be wherever people are. It doesn’t matter how quickly you pop into the shops or how well you know someone – you can catch the virus. So please consider how many people you meet up with and try to have a few days between seeing different groups of friends or relatives. This will help to reduce your chances of catching or spreading Covid-19.”

Associate Director of Public Health, Dr Keith Allan, added: “After living with the constant threat of Covid-19 for such a long time, it is understandable that many of us want to reclaim our daily lives and gain a sense of normality back. To protect yourself and your loved ones by staying as safe as possible please:

· Get vaccinated as fully as you can for Covid-19 (e.g. first, second and booster doses depending on your eligibility)
· Get your flu vaccine, if invited
· Wear a face covering when in enclosed spaces such as shops and public transport
· Meet outside whenever you can and limit the time you spend indoors with people who are not in your household
· If you do meet indoors keep spaces well ventilated especially when you are in larger groups
· Wash your hands regularly and cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing
· Use the Covid-19 status (vaccine passport), Protect Scotland and Check-in Scotland apps
· When you are well, test with LFD kits twice a week and record your results
· If you receive a positive LFD result, feel unwell or if you are asked to, self-isolate and book a PRC test immediately by visiting the GOV.UK website or calling 0800 028 2816.
· If you test positive or you are asked to provide details of people you have been in contact with please try to do so via online contact tracing. You can conveniently fill in contact tracing details online day or night without needing to speak to one of our Contact Tracers over the phone.”