Parents of any child who is five years of age before the end of February 2021 should complete an application form and arrange to visit their local school during enrolment week and enrol for primary one. Forms will be available from 18 November 2019 from participating schools or by visiting: www.scotborders.gov.uk/schoolenrolment

From August 2020, all three and four year olds in Scotland are entitled to up to 1140 hours of funded ELC each year; these hours are allocated on a pro-rata basis depending on when children start throughout the year. Parents with children born between 1 March 2016 and 28 February 2018 should visit the early learning and childcare setting of their choice during enrolment week and enrol for both three and four year old early learning and childcare. Application packs will be available during enrolment week from participating schools and funded providers, or can be downloaded by visiting: www.scotborders.gov.uk/elc

Parents are reminded they will need to take their child’s birth certificate and proof of address along with their application. This is for both primary and early learning and childcare enrolment.

A child whose fifth birthdays falls in January or February 2021 is entitled to a deferred entry place and guaranteed an additional funded year of early learning and childcare should their parents or carers wish them to have this.

Parents of a child whose fifth birthday falls between the school commencement date in August 2020 and 31 December 2020 have the legal right to defer their child’s entry to primary school. However, funding for an additional year of early learning and childcare is granted at the discretion of the local authority. Applications for deferred entry should be discussed with the head teacher or early learning and childcare setting manager.

Parents intending to make a placement request for their child at a primary school other than their local catchment school should still enrol at their local school. This will ensure a place is reserved at the local catchment school in the event that the placement request is unsuccessful. Parents intending to make a placement request must also visit the head teacher of their preferred school by 13 January 2020. To find out more about individual procedures for enrolling children, making placement requests and deferred entry, parents should contact their local primary school.

Information is also available at: www.scotborders.gov.uk/schoolenrolment or from Children and Young People’s Services on 01835 825108.

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