NHS Borders are pleased to confirm that from today (Monday 7 March 2022) the number of visitors every patient is able to have will increase, from one to two per day across all NHS Borders sites.

In line with national guidance these two visitors can be interchangeable and should be by appointment with standard protections in place.

Associate Director of Allied Health Professionals, Paul Williams, said: “We are delighted that all of our patients will soon benefit from two interchangeable visitors per day when we ease the restrictions on Monday 7 March. The importance of support from family members and loved ones to people in hospital cannot be overstated – it can have a positive impact on the nutrition, healing, recovery and overall quality of care of our patients. In addition to this, visiting brings comfort to both the person in hospital and their family, friends or carers. We continue to work hard to ensure appropriate infection prevention and control measures are in place to limit the spread of infections and viruses such as Covid-19.”

NHS Borders are also reminding members of the public not to visit any facilities if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have come into contact with someone with COVID. You should also wear a face mask, if you are able to, at all times and ensure you have had all of your COVID-19 vaccinations.