Bill Brown

Bill claims he was born with a love of Scottish music already flowing through his veins and has many happy childhood memories of being taken to theatres in nearby Glasgow to see such Scottish greats as Andy Stewart, The Alexander Brothers and Sir Jimmy Shand. His great passion for the accordion and Scottish music inspired him to pursue a career in radio which he had also grown to love from an early age. Armed with that ambition, Bill’s broadcasting career got of to a flying start in 1980 when he became part of the team that launched Radio Tay in Dundee. Two years later he joined Radio Forth in Edinburgh as a Technical Operator before moving to the bright lights of London to join LBC 97.3.

He then went on to train as a television sound engineer enjoying highly successful periods at TV-AM, ITN and Central Independent Television. During his time in television Bill worked on a wide variety of well known programmes including Good Morning Britain, News at Ten, Crossroads, Blockbusters, Bullseye, Spitting Image and New Faces to name but a few.

One of the highlights of Bill’s career took place on 28th November 2001 when he was invited to a reception for the broadcasting industry which was hosted by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace.

Bill never ceases to be amazed by the wonderful array of dynamic young musical talent that is emerging from the new modern contemporary Scotland and Ireland and has no doubt that the future of traditional/easy listening Irish and Scottish music is in very safe hands. He is delighted to be bringing the best of this wonderful genre to Hawick’s very own radio station. So, if you love the sound of accordions and fiddles, the skirl of the bagpipes, the infectious sound of ceilidh bands or a heartfelt Irish country song or a traditional Scottish ballad, roll back the carpet, get on your dancing shoes and join Bill on Saturday evenings between 6pm and 8pm.

He will also end your week on Sunday evenings between 10pm and 11pm with his easy listening show Sing a Favourite Song, featuring artistes such as Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand and Nat King Cole to name but a few from the golden era of the great American Songbook.

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