John Cavanagh

John Cavanagh’s Soundwave has been on air since 2004 featuring an incredible range of music, spanning genre and time. The show includes regularly a mix of new releases and back catalogue items, usually from somewhere off the beaten track. John Cavanagh’s interest in music spans a lifetime, both in gathering recordings, producing and creating new music and – a central theme across rather more than half his life – extolling all sorts of sounds on the radio.

The Soundwave reflects this incredibly broad range of interests. Previous guests have ranged from Carol Kaye, possibly the most recorded musician of all time, to DespicableZee, whose Young Women’s Music Project fosters diverse new talent; from Phil May & Dick Taylor of the Pretty Things to reggae artist TriXStar and much, much more, including neglected Scottish artists of the past and a dip into Cavanagh’s collection of 78s…. you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear things on the Soundwave that you won’t hear anywhere else! Find out more or contact John via:

You can hear The Soundwave every Tuesday night at 9pm, repeated on Friday night at the same time.

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