Papa Kev

Papa Kev, formerly known as DJ Kev, has been spinning discs for just shy of 40 years. He has played in almost every venue in Hawick, including ROBBIES, CLINTYS, BASE, DIESELS, HUMPHRIES, BOGARTS and SCRUMZ, to name just a few. He also qualified for the World Mixing Championships in 1988 and gained a lot of support from some of the biggest names in the DJ world including ex Radio 1 presenter Judge Jules. He has also produced guest mixes for many radio stations around the UK and even managed to break into the radio market in the USA. He was also a radio presenter at Borders Hospital Radio and later produced live guest mixes for Radio Borders. He then moved on to host his own show called ‘The Big Room’ on TD1 Radio in Galashiels, for four and a half years. TD9 Radio is delighted that ‘Papa Kev’ has come out of retirement to host a new show which you can hear on the first Saturday of every month from 8-10pm.

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