Winter League Week 2 – 22nd/23rd January 2022
Nineteen people took part in week 2.
Winner – Neil Douglas with 32 points, second equal – Craig Richardson and Joyce Michie both with 31 points, third equal – Gary McDonagh and Graeme Lothian both with 29 points.

L TO R: John Biggar, Allan Learmonth, Joyce Michie and Ricky Tait

Mixed 10 Hole Texas Scramble – 25th January 2022
Eight gents and three ladies took part today.
First Team – Ricky Tait, John Biggar, Joyce Michie and Allan Learmonth – nett 26.5
Second Team – George and Cherry Thom, Dale Ploughman and Brian Thomson – nett 27.6
Third Team – Steven McLachlan, Marion King and Gary McDonagh – nett 29.8

Winter League Week 3 – 29th/30th January 2022
Nineteen people took part in week 3.
Winner – Sarah Cross with 42 points, second – Euan Munro with 35 points, third equal – Angus Towers, Joyce Michie and Craig Richardson with 33 points each.