Volunteer DJ

Whether you love Rock N Roll or are all about the Bass, there’s probably an opportunity for you to present your own programme on TD9 Radio. We offer training, so there’s no need to worry if you’ve never sat in front of a microphone before, we can show you the ropes and give you the skills you need to join the TD9 Radio presentation team. All you need to do to begin, is fill in the form below if you’d like to apply to be one of our on-air DJs.

Give some information about any relevant radio experience you've had. Please note that experience is not necessary as full training will be given, but it would be an advantage.
This isn't compulsory, but it would help our volunteering statistics if you could please complete this section.
Please indicate the type of programme you'd like to present. (Music based would mean around 80% of the programme would be music)
What day(s) of the week would you like to present
What time(s) of day would you like to present
Whilst we have a fairly large and varied collection of music at our disposal, we can't cater for every single genre of music. If you are planning to present a specialist music show, please tell us where you will source your music from.
If you plan to present a speech based programme, please indicate the type of content (eg Politics, Sport, Current Affairs)
Please provide any other information you feel may be relevant to your application.