This number is important

Have a look at it and memorise it

To most people it’s just a number. It’s not important is it ?

8433 is important, because this is number of people that listened to TD9 Radio between 1st Apr to 30th Jun 2021.

If your business has recently opened up again after lockdown, why not advertise on TD9 Radio and get your message heard in and around Hawick? We can also help spread the word about your business further afield. As we stream our programmes online, people can listen in neighbouring towns in the Borders as well as further away, so there really is no better or more cost-effective way to reach local listeners as well as those outwith the town.

Listen to one of our adverts by clicking the player below

Online radio listening is increasing with more and more people using smart speakers, smartphones, tablets and other devices over traditional radios. Take a look around your home and see how many smart devices you have compared to radios – your message could be heard on all of these. It’s a fact that the modern home has more internet-enabled devices today, compared to 10 years ago, making online listening even easier. Faster home and mobile broadband means it’s also much easier to listen while on the move, including in your car or on public transport.

You don’t need to worry about interference while you listen either. Traditional radio listening can be hit and miss, particularly in an area like Hawick, which is surrounded by hills. Online radio services don’t suffer from interference (like traditional FM or AM services) so you’ll always receive a crystal clear high quality digital sound (even better than DAB in some cases*).

As well as advertising, we can also offer programme sponsorship, starting at just £20 per month.

All our commercials or sponsorship announcements are professionally produced so you can be sure of good quality! If you’d like to book your campaign with us now, simply visit our Contact Us page and drop us an email. One of our friendly sales team will be back in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

*DAB services often use highly compressed low-bitrate mono streams (typically 64 or 80kpbs). TD9 Radio broadcasts in stereo at a bitrate of 192Kbps.

Can you remember the number at the top of this page?


That is how many people could be listening to your advert on TD9 Radio.