The ceremony took place earlier today when members of the Teviot Day Service Support Group were invited to cut a ribbon and declare the service open. Special guest of honour was Mrs Madge Elliot who regularly attended the service previously provided within the Katharine Elliot Centre.

Following the decision made in 2019 to close day services for older people across the Borders, a subsequent review of the current level of need in both the Hawick and Newcastleton communities was undertaken. A report outlining the findings was taken to the Integration Joint Board on 17 May 2023 where approval was given to reinstate a buildings-based service within Hawick.

Teviot Day Service will open to service users from Monday 29 April. Support will be provided by the Council’s Adult Social Care team and will be available Monday to Friday from 10am-6pm. The aim is to provide an opportunity for adults with dementia and complex care needs to socialise and participate in meaningful activities in a supported environment. It will also offer respite support for families and unpaid carers.

Sean Elliot, Spokesperson for the Teviot Day Service Support Group, said: “On behalf of the Support Group, I’m delighted that we finally see a new and improved service opening in Hawick, to serve those who really need the opportunities that a first-class day service provides and the respite it will offer to family carers. It has been a long campaign but we now look forward to the future for the new service, the extended hours and perhaps weekends at some point in the future. I’m sure the future attendees will enjoy being part of an essential community service, in the same way as past members of the Teviot Day Service did.”

Lucy O’Leary, Chair of the Integration Joint Board, said: “A considerable amount of work has gone into making this day possible and I would like to thank the Teviot and Liddesdale Task and Finish group in particular for their contribution. There has been a real sense of collaboration with staff from across Health and Social Care Partnership working together with carers, public representatives and Third Sector colleagues on a shared vision for the service. I know the staff team are very much looking forward to welcoming service users and family carers into the new setting from 29 April and I have every confidence that they will provide something quite special for the people of Hawick.”
Consultation with the Newcastleton community found that a formal day service was not something local residents would be keen to attend. Instead, the Partnership has been working with the Newcastleton Trust on a project to deliver enhanced Welcome Holm sessions at Buccleuch House in South Hermitage Street. Staff from local provider, Holmcare and the Council’s Adult Social Care team can support clients to attend and provide personal care if needed. The project will run until September 2023 following which a review will be undertaken to evaluate the impact on those who have attended and their unpaid carers before a decision is taken on future provision for the area.

Members of the Teviot Day Service Support Group with special guest of honour, Mrs Madge Elliot. Fiona Paterson, Mary Beck, Shirley Brown, Sean Elliot, John Elliot and Susan Mackenzie.

Referral to the Teviot Day Service is by assessment through the Hawick Social Work team. An assessment is also required for anyone who needs supported attendance at the Newcastleton sessions; otherwise these operate on a drop-in basis.

To find out more, visit: www.scotborders.gov.uk/dayopportunities or contact Customer Advice and Support Services on 0300 100 1800 (Option 1).

Information is also available at the Hawick What Matters Hub held every Thursday, 10am-3pm at the Heart of Hawick. Find out more at: www.scotborders.gov.uk/whatmattershubs